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Blended Families DO work! | Kansas City Family Photographer

When my son’s stepmother asked if I was available to do newborn photos of her new baby Colton, I was honored to do so. I was thrilled and really excited to be able to capture such a memorable time for her, Dustin & Caleb.

After posting some sneak peeks on social media, I received a few texts commending my attitude towards accepting the job. 🤔 Of course I’m going to say yes! I specialize in NEWBORNS… I have spent many years practicing the art of newborn posing. I consider Sara more than just my son’s stepmother. I consider her a friend and being able to capture this pure time for her was a very humbling experience. We’ve had countless talks about our Caleb, life and motherhood and this woman is the OTHER mother when I am not around. Does co-parenting suck? Yes, of course and I’m sure that many other separated families can relate to this. However we make the very best of it! Sara and I have both put in the effort to understand one another as mothers and I consider us a wonderful team. We’ve worked hard to build a trusting relationship. It now comes so easy for her and I. For this, I am very grateful. Grateful to have added to my tribe of women because… have you met my child? It takes quite the village to raise such a strong willed and stubborn child! 😉

Blended families DO work. They CAN work. I am glad and proud that all four of us parents have put in this work. And I must say, we are DAMN good at it! I truly hope that our blended family can be an inspiration to other blended families out there.

Sara, if you’re reading this, keep up the great work! I’m so happy for you that you’re able to experience motherhood from day one! The birth of a child is such a magical time for us moms and you are doing awesome! Thank you for including me and allowing me to do Colton’s newborn photos. He is so sweet and slept so peacefully for me! I loved being able to see Caleb interact with Colton and I also really enjoyed meeting your mom at our session. She was wonderful with Mr. Impatient and was very helpful. Thank you for giving Caleb a sibling and congratulations to you guys! I call dibs on some babysitting! 😉

Here are some favorites from Colton’s session!