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Pancake Birthday Photo Session | Lees Summit Cake Smash Photographer

This pancake birthday session has a story to go along with the photos! Lol… So instead of writing a little paragraph and then sharing all of the images, I am going to share images with some captions. 😉 I hope you enjoy the commentary.  Thank you for choosing Third Street Studio as your Lees Summit cake smash photographer.

Hello, my name is Jett and pancakes are my favorite thing ever! My mommy & daddy went to three restaurants the week of our photo session, just to find the most fluffy pancakes!2023-04-17_0023.jpg

Aren’t they pretty?2023-04-17_0025.jpg

They want me to eat these pancakes off this log…2023-04-17_0033.jpg

I’m going to touch it… SIKE2023-04-17_0036.jpg

Then Dad gave me the can of whipped cream!2023-04-17_0030.jpg

Then he took it away….2023-04-17_0031.jpg

Then Dad made me touch the whipped cream.2023-04-17_0028.jpg

Look at me, I am cute.2023-04-17_0032.jpg

OOOO Look, a pinecone!2023-04-17_0027.jpg

Then dad threw a pancake at me… hehe.. that was funny. My mom was hiding because I cried when I saw her.2023-04-17_0037.jpg

Pinecones are more fun anyway…2023-04-17_0039.jpg

Look at me mom. I am cute,

Love Jett.  <3 2023-04-17_0041.jpg


Corbin | Lee’s Summit Child & Family Photographer

Corbin is Three

Oh my goodness! Corbin is already 3! Time sure does fly by. I also photographed this handsome little guy when he was just a few days old! His momma and I have been very good friends for several years. I’m lucky to have them as friends and clients! Here are some of my favorites from his session.

Thank you for choosing Aly Marie Photography as your Lee’s Summit Child Photographer.

Child little boy children 2014-02-24_004

Family Photographer

The Clymore Family | Lee’s Summit Family Photographer

The Clymore Family

I LOVE this family to pieces! They are dear to my heart, as they are very very good friends of mine! Mr. Dawson, was my first newborn to photograph after training in newborn posing! I was thrilled and honored to be their family photographer this year! As you can see, they are so incredibly photogenic!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of their images! I had to blog this GORGEOUS family! Thank you guys for being such awesome friends!

2013-11-18_001 2013-11-18_0022013-11-18_003 2013-11-18_004 2013-11-18_005 2013-11-18_006 2013-11-18_007 2013-11-18_008 2013-11-18_009 2013-11-18_010 2013-11-18_011 2013-11-18_012 2013-11-18_013 2013-11-18_014

Big thanks to the Clymore Family!


The Jackson Family | Lee’s Summit Family Photographer

The Jackson Family

Mackenzie is already ONE! I was thrilled when mom called to set up her first year session! We decided to go all out and make it a family session too! As you can see, we had such a fun time! I LOVED LOVED working with them! Mom stylized the ENTIRE session all by herself! I brought the couch and she planned the rest! So fun!

Thank you for choosing Aly Marie Photography as your Lee’s Summit Family Photographer.

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